Jeffrey J. Jinks Attorney at Law 13295 Illinois Street, Suite 318 Carmel, IN  46032 317-810-1400   February  2017- “Defend Your Territory” Real Estate, Business, Wills and Trusts Follow me on Twitter:  @JeffJinks  and see more posts like this one.   From George Washington’s Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation: […] Jeffrey J. Jinks Attorney at Law 13295 Illinois Street, Suite 318 Carmel, IN  46032 317-478-7534 July 2016 – “Defend Your Territory“     CONTRACT LANGUAGE DETERMINES OUTCOME OF ARCHITECTS DUTIES TO HOME BUILDERS.  In 64A03-1510-PL-1741, Rusnak v. Brent Wagner Architects, (2016) the court reviewed provisions of an Architect’s residential home construction agreement.  Buyer’s […]

Home owner v Protective Covenants Castlewood Property Owners Association, Inc. v. Leticia Guerra-Danko Leticia Guerra-Danko added siding to her home before obtaining approval from the Architectural review Committee (ARC) which is located in the Castlewood subdivision. She was replacing it because of termite damage.  ARC refused to approve the siding. Since 1998 vinyl or aluminum […]

CITIES USING ZONING TO AVOID EMINENT DOMAIN REQUIREMENTS.   In a recent Wall Street Journal article it was reported that several cities are using their local zoning laws to avoid the requirement of paying private property owners when their property is taken. Recall that the Fifth Amendment to the US constitution requires payment to a […]

World Series of Copyrights is being replayed by Oracle and Google Oracle America Inc. v. Google Inc., Four years ago a judge who presided over the trial dubbed it the “World Series” of intellectual property. It was left in a stalemate four years ago. The judge said that there can only be “one winner”.  If […]

FHA Liability and Criminal Background Checks Have Guidance’s Issued by HUD. The summary of Guidance from HUD set forth below, represents a significant expansion of Fair Housing Law and what is deemed discrimination. Note that “guidance” is NOT a statute, but is on the regulatory level of how HUD intends to enforce Fair Housing Law. […]

LANDLORDS BEWARE: In, In Re Great Lakes Quick Lube LP v. T.D. Investments I, LLP, The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled that a commercial tenant’s lease termination that happens before it has filed for bankruptcy could be considered an avoidable transfer under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, on March 11, […]